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The Best Team Model Out There

Our Team Model

JMG Powers Teams by providing the Team Leader with everything needed to run a Top Producing Team without having to invest a large amount of time and money. We provide Tech, Management, Coaching, Training and More to ensure your Sucess

JMG was Built from the Ground Up as a Team Model

JMG’s founder Jason Mitchell built the number 1 Real Estate team in the country by utilizing the tools and resources that JMG provides to all its Team Leaders. One of the biggest struggles the Team Leader faces, is the resources they need to effectively manage a team from reporting to contracts, to onboarding and training.  Running a team is a lot of work. This is why JMG says “let us be your engine to grow” We will power you like no other team in the country. YOU just be in charge.

We Provide Powerful
Team Tools

Training & Coaching

We have the Top Industry Coaches and their courses included. Get access to Top Agents anytime for 1 on 1 coaching and get continued Agent Development

Reporting & Performance

Get Real Time Reporting and Full Transparency. Track your Agents performance down to the details. Manage Leads, Transactions & Commissions

Onboarding & Training

Growing your team has never been easier. Our Recruiting and Onboarding system takes care of the heavy lifting from acquisition to hanging licenses

Leading Technology

We Offer Websites, Full CRM with IDX and Lead Management& Distribution. Manage Your Team From The Cloud With Live Reporting, KPIs and More

Digital Marketing

We have an in-house Social Media Team, Automation Experts, a Videography Team, Talented Web Developers and Graphic Designers you will have access to

Contracts and Legal

JMG Provides you with Contracts and Legal assistance from A to Z. Our platform makes it easy to find and populate any form you will ever need

Competitive Splits

We offer everything and more. From our Tech to our Coaching and Systems, For all this it much be a low split, right? Nope its a 95/5% with a $30k Cap

Agent Recruiting

JMG has a dedicated team of Recruiters that are always Marketing, Interviewing and finding Agents to help grow you grow your team.
Numbers Talk

The Team Compensation Model


While almost every brokerage will charge you as a team leader a larger cap and a cap for all of your individual agents. The JMG comp model provides you full autonomy to manage your agents at an economic plan that you feel is suitable. Our plan is very simplistic for team leaders; 95/5 with a 30k cap is collectively for your team. Once cap has been hit you will receive 100 of whatever split you have with your agents are. All this while providing everyone of your agents the JMG Core Platform at your disposal. There is simply NO team model in the nation that can compare to the jMG team model. 


80/ 100 - Split
$ 1 - CAP Team Leader
$ 1 - Per Agent
0 % Transaction Fee
95/ 100 - Split
$ 1 - CAP Team Leader
$ 0 - Per Agent
$ 0 - Transaction Fee
Inside the Costs

Real Life Example

Let’s say you’re a team of 8 with these statistics. 

  • 180 Transactions
  • 80 Million in volume
  • 2 Million in GCI
  • Average purchase price $430k
Cost To Operate

Big Box Brand

  • You the Team Leader: $17,000
  • 8 Agents X $8500: $68,000
  • 180 Transactions X 440 per Transaction: $79,200

Approximate Cost to run your team = $164,200

With very limited resources provided by Brokerage

Cost To Operate


  • Team Cap: $30,000
  • 8 Agents x $0: $0
  • 180 Transaction x $350 each = $63,000

Total Cost to Operate: $93,000

+ Every tool & resource needed to Grow & Manage your Team

Immediate Markets

Be a Market Leader in new segments

Discover JMG’s dynamic expansion journey across the United States. We’re forging new paths in innovation and leadership in strategic states. Be part of our mission to redefine industry standards and create lasting impact. Explore opportunities with us and drive the change.

Why Team Leaders Choose JMG

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We Provide Our Agents With Everything

Team Growth

JMG is an ALL IN ONE Platform that gives our team leaders unmatched potential for growth. On average, our teams grow 4X during their first year on the platform

Automated Prospecting

Having Digital Intelligence do the work for you and your team will save you months of work. Additionally, our award winning CRM, CAMP, will provide your team leaders with live reporting on team revenue, closing ratios, and overall performance. 

Data and Bi-Reporting

Our BI reporting provides you full access to your team's performance so you can:
- Assess your agents' progress
- Give your agents visuals to their teammates>
- View your entire book of business in one place

Industry Leading Coaching

The JMG Platform offers exclusive coaching and training platform: Coaches Corner. This program is led by industry leaders such as Rene Rodriguez, Tony Giordano, Jason Mitchell etc.

What Our Team Leaders Have to Say about Running a Team at JMG