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Leading with Purpose at JMG

At JMG, we’re charting the future of real estate through visionary leadership. As a Broker or Division President, your role exceeds day-to-day operations; it’s about building legacies, empowering top-tier agents, and building unparalleled success in the market. With JMG’s support, lead a team of high achievers on a journey of excellence and innovation.

Architects of Achievement

Cultivate a culture of brilliance as you lead a division of high-performing agents. Each success story begins with the strength of its leadership – at JMG, you’ll have the platform to inspire, the tools to excel, and the opportunity to shape the industry’s future. 

Your Leadership Domain

Explore the markets where your leadership is needed most. Our interactive map lets you explore the communities eager for your expertise and ripe for growth. Find your fit and start making a tangible impact.

Industry-Leading Compensation

Exclusive Earning Potential

Reap the benefits of an exceptional earnings split, tailored for the impact you make.

Cap and Bonuses

Benefit from a thoughtful cap designed to maximize your earnings, along with robust quarterly revenue bonuses that reflect your division's triumphs.

Per Transaction Bonus

Amplify your success with transaction-based incentives, earning with each deal closed under your leadership.

Testaments of Leadership

Our leaders are the heart of JMG’s success. Hear their stories – the challenges, triumphs, and unmatched rewards of leading at the highest level.

Begin your Leadership Legacy

The next chapter of your career starts here. If you’re ready to step into a role that’s as rewarding as it is prestigious, we invite you to apply. Lead the change with JMG.